Tyvok Spider X1C Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

  • Instant usability with no installation hassle;
  • Thoughtful eye safety in the overall design;
  • User-friendly DIY and switchable enclosed box features;
  • Smoke-free operation with built-in exhaust device;
  • Swift engraving speed reaching up to 25000mm/min;
  • Compatible with powerful 20W laser engraving;
  • Impeccable wiring, free from cable leaks;
  • Convenient integrated air assist and platform plate
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Product Type: Laser Engraver
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Enclosure Type: X1C 20W Enclosure (Green)
Your Adapter Type: US
Optional Accessories: No

Package Includes:

  • Spider X1C Machine with 20W Laser Head
  • Enclosure Set (Green)
  • Exhaust Set
  • 400 * 400 Working Format
  • Flexible Honeycomb Working Plate
  • Air Assist 
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Tyvok Spider X1C Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

Tyvok Spider X1C Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

$1,299.00 $1,299.00

Tyvok Spider X1C Enclosed Laser Engraver & Cutter

$1,299.00 $1,299.00
Enclosure Type: X1C 20W Enclosure (Green)
Your Adapter Type: US
Optional Accessories: No

    Tyvok Spider X1C

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    Two Editions to Choose


    Green Enclosure Edition
    Package Contain:
    Honeycomb Working Plate * 4
    New Air Assist * 1
    Exhaust Device * 1
    Enclosure Set (Green)* 1


    Orange Enclosure Edition
    Package Contain:
    Honeycomb Working Plate * 4
    New Air Assist * 1
    Exhaust Device * 1
    Enclosure Set (Orange)* 1


    Tyvok Spider X1C

    For users to better use the frame laser engraving machine, and can be pre-installed, the user does not need to install, and at the same time for laser protection and smoke exhaustion, so that users can use the laser engraving machine more conveniently.


    Fusion solution for open and enclosed engraving machines

    Tailored to diverse user needs. The open architecture offers enhanced convenience, while the closed structure prioritizes safety and smoke removal. The revolutionary Spider X1C boasts an innovative design, allowing seamless switching between the two modes. Whether you prefer the openness for its convenience and flexibility or the closed option for its security.

    Simpler and more stable

    With an improved design, the machine looks more beautiful and simple, and is no longer bothered by exposed cables. The structure is more stable, which makes the engraving accuracy higher.

    Your Safety is Our Priority

    We prioritize personnel safety in laser engraving. Our commitment to user safety includes features such as eye protection, a colored acrylic panel to shield the laser, an emergency stop switch, and a tilt switch for stable operation. The system's exhaust ventilation and optimized fume extraction maintain a safe engraving environment, ensuring robust user safety.



    Utilizing a laser protective enclosure and an acrylic comprehensive shielding system for the entire apparatus, we have significantly reduced the overall laser irradiation intensity. This configuration establishes a category of laser apparatus that can be confidently employed, prioritizing user safety without compromising functionality.


    Powerful Laser Head


    Multi-ways to Operate


    Perfect Integration of X1C and LightBurn Software

    Experience intergrated operation with the X1C laser engraving machine and LightBurn software. Pre-loaded with air assist and wiring features, it enables adjustable airflow for diverse engraving and cutting needs. Integration extends to LightBurn, allowing users to set airflow parameters.  Reducing wasteful airflow and enhancing operational precision.


    Flexible and height-adjustable to cope with complex scenarios.


    Spider x1c engraving machine has adjustable height, standard mode, exquisite and compact, high space utilization, and the ultimate experience


    In height-increasing mode, it can accommodate taller objects and objects that require higher height, such as engravings such as rotary , without adding accessories, making it convenient for users to use. 


    36㎡/h Large Air Volume

    The soot generated during the engraving process may cause harm to the human body. That's why we've launched the new X1C product. The large air volume exhaust will extract the exhaust gases to ensure the health of the user.


    20W Output Power
    25000mm/min Engraving Speed

    400*400 large format to meet your daily use needs. 10W/20W optional power laser head, suitable for Metal, 304 stainless steel, Bamboo, Wood, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric, Photosensitive printing, Plastic, Acrylic, Tinted glass, Color glaze ceramics and other materials.


    Built-in Soft Ambient Light Strip for Effortless Nighttime Operation

    Designed to conquer challenging work environments, our product features an integrated soft bottom light strip. The gentle illumination allows you to effortlessly monitor the finer details of your work, even in low-light conditions.Harmonizing seamlessly with the panel color, this integrated light strip not only enhances visibility but also contributes to a more delightful engraving experience.


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    Laser Head

    Operating Temprature: 5℃-35℃
    Laser Safety: 1 Class
    Laser Source: Diode Laser
    Output Power:20W
    Laser Point: 0.08 * 0.06mm
    Applicable Materials: Metal, 304 stainless steel, Bamboo, Wood, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric, Photosensitive printing, Plastic, Acrylic, Tinted glass, Color glaze ceramics, etc.


    Exhaust Air Volume:36㎡/h
    Air Assist Air Volume: 0-15l/min Adjustable Wind Level

    Machine Body

    Product Size: 648 * 623 * 144 mm
    Input Voltage: 100 - 240V, 50-60hz
    Total Power: 120W
    Product Weight: 7KG
    Carving Speed: 25000 mm/min
    Carving Area: 400 * 400 mm
    Operation Method: TF Card; Software (Lightburn, LaserGRBL); Web;Touch Screen
    WIFI Connectivity: Can Connect WIFI

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