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Current Progress Update

30 Mar 2023 0 Comments

We appreciate your understanding and support. We received your attention, support, and love and really hope that Spider M1 can bring everyone some inspiration to upgrade the laser engraver and cutter and move forward together. Also, we will accept all the supervision and make our product better so that it can be truly helpful and inspiring to users. The following is our progress: 


The current progress of the engraver:

Now we made great progress on the engraver, and the product is very stable after testing. We have constantly upgraded and enhanced the product as well such as the continuous upgrades of the product software, a better working experience, and the improvement of safety which there will be shut-down protections when the product is tilted at a certain angle to avoid the laser scattering. Moreover, we are doing drop testing in multiple scenes to ensure that the transport will not cause any parts, especially the laser head get loose which will have an effect on the engraving quality.


The electrical plug of Spider M1: 

We will have different local plugs supplied according to different countries and regions in the subsequent batch delivery, please rest assured.


User Manual:

We are fully aware that the manual is the basis for understanding the operation of the product, especially for the new products. All products will be equipped with the manual so users can have the access to installation instructions online including a detailed installation video, which enables users can quickly understand and get started. Also, we will continue to make more detailed specific operation videos for everyone’s reference. Recently we shared a video of four specific operation modes on our official YouTube channel. We will upload the video to the TF card that is equipped with the engraver in delivery as well. And users can also refer to some KOL review videos.


The power cord we currently offer:

Now the power cord is standard 2 meters, which can adapt to most of the scenes. But if users need to operate our machine on the material whose length is more than 2 meters, we recommend extending the cord and increasing the power PDU plug board, which should be able to meet most of the needs.



As a very important software in the field of engraving, we are aware of the importance of Lightburn, and we have done testing repeatedly as well. We are sure that it can perform perfectly with Spider M1. Considering that the product will occupy the computer to work continuously, users can upload the file through WI-FI to Spider M1 to free the computer, and there will be no effect on engraving even if users shut down the computer.


The laser head:

In fact, the laser head is the most important part of our testing. As for the situation the laser head gets loose in the shipment test, we have done many testing before delivery, including the whole machine drop testing, and it shows all good after testing. We will also carry out more tests on different using scenes and higher drops and do reinforcement to ensure that users get the laser and other parts can work stably.

Different materials to engrave:

The choice of material is crucial, and we have also been verifying different materials to get more adapted to our Spider M1. Recently we have released some actual test situations for different materials as well. Meanwhile, we will continue to strengthen this part and launch part of the experience of cutting and engraving parameters to enhance the engraving effect.


The public reviews of Spider M1:

To optimize and enhance the product, we have also added more KOL and KOC reviews for upgrading and continuous upgrades to provide the best user experience when the engravers are officially delivered to the user. 


The parameters for laser engraving and cutting:

The parameters setting has a great impact on laser engraving and cutting. Generally, we recommend users engraving in 50% power and cutting in 100% power, which can perform better.


As Spider M1 engraver & cutter, we hope that the solutions we provide can bring everyone some inspiration and we can come together to build something different. Only in this way can we keep moving forward and get more new advanced products released.

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