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Don’t worry about “Hard Limit”

20 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Just don’t worry about “Hard Limit”, this may because of below three reasons.

1.The machine is lifted accidentally:Spider M1 is equipped with a safety switch as the picture shown below. If the machine is lifted accidentally, it will show “hard limit” and the machine will stop working. If you want get back to work, just reset the origin and restart your engraving or cutting work. Also please keep the switch on like below.

best laser engraving and cutting machine

2.The laser head hits the limit switch: a. when the laser head moves to the left or the right, it may hit the limit switch of the left end or the right end of Spider M1, and the machine will warm “hard limit”. And if it shows “Hard limit”, just touch screen to move the X axis and reset the origin to a proper position.

3.If “Hard Limit” shows during Spider M1 working period, please check your engraving or cutting file, to make sure the width of the file won’t exceed 400mm and make sure the movement of the file won’t hit the limit switch.

laser engraversoftware

It’s worth to mention as the picture shows above, the matrix in red shows the work width of your file. The green part shows the origin position of lightburn, please make sure your origin setting is the same like above. The origin should be at the “Front Left” .

laser engraversoftware

Besides, the matrix in blue shows the distance from the file origin to the laser engraver origin, please make sure it is not a negative value and the sum of this two value won’t exceed 400mm.

laser engraversoftware

Before your engraving or cutting work, please set the origin correctly. Below is the origin setting guide:

a. Choose “Engraving” on Spider M1’s screen and choose your engraving file.
laser engraversoftware
laser engraversoftware

b. After the file is selected, please click “Control”, then you need to move the laser head to the front left of your material.

laser engraversoftware
laser engraversoftware

c. After the origin setting is done, please click “Laser”, then click “Position”. When it shows“Positioning success”, it means you set the origin successfully.

laser engraversoftware
laser engraversoftware

d. After you set the origin successfully, you can get back to engraving interface.

laser engraversoftware
laser engraversoftware

e. When you get back to engraving interface, click “Edge”(in the newest firmware version, we change it to “preview”), then it show “Running”, Spider M1 will work as the origin as you set before and start to depict a matrix of engraving or cutting work area.

laser engraversoftware

At this step, you need to confirm below two aspects:

  • To make sure the laser light beam is fully moved on your material and will not exceed the material edge.
  • To make sure that there is no debris blocking the machine during movement, and make sure the power cable is long enough and will not disturb the movement of the machine.

After the preview is done, please click “√” to start engraving or cutting.

laser engraversoftware

If it shows “Hard Limit” during working, please reset the origin or adjust your file properly.

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