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How to make a ship model using Spider X1?

15 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Laser engraver is a tool that uses high-energy laser beams to engrave and cut various materials, and it can accurately engrave designed patterns and characters on various materials. If you want to make a boat model, Spider X1 laser engraver can not only help to form the big format in one time, but also save your time to operate the machine.


laser engraversoftware

If you want to make a ship model, you need to download the file on free design vector website first, then you can import the files on LightBurn or LaserGRBL software and adjust the parameters such as mode, power and speed as you need. Finally, you can upload the file to the Spider X1 machine or copy the file to TF card.


Tyvok Spider X1 laser engraverand cutter

Next, place the board to be cut on the working platform of the laser engraver for positioning and fixing. Then start Spider X1 for cutting, move at high speed and control the beam emission according to the set parameters, and complete the cutting of the wood board. During the production process, Spider X1 can engrave various complex details and patterns and carry out fine engraving and cutting according to the designed pattern, which can greatly improve the efficiency and precision of making works.


Tyvok Spider_X1 laser engraverprojects

In short, Spider X1 plays an important role when you make big format models like ship, which can greatly save your time from piece to piece operation.

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