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Igniting Imaginations: The Magic of Laser Engraved Furniture

18 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the extraordinary world of laser engraved furniture! In this article, we'll explore how our Spider X1 brings innovation and creativity to furniture design. From enchanting climbing chairs for children to marvelous wooden chair and storage cabinets, and captivating art pieces, discover how laser engraving elevates these pieces beyond the ordinary.


1.Captivating Climbing Chairs for Children:

If your child is very active, you can make a climbing chair for them. It provides a safe and durable space for them to play and explore. First of all, you have to choose the right wood, cut it to the right size with Spider X1, then sand the wood smooth, and add paint to make it beautiful.

Cutting speed: 200mm/m

Cutting power: 100%


laser engraver for wood


2.Exquisite Wooden chair:

When you feel that the furniture at home is too ordinary and want to change it, you can use Spider X1 to create your own wooden furniture.

Board thickness: 8mm

Board Type: Household Plywood

Cutting speed: 200mm/m

Cutting power: 100%


laser engraver for wood


3.Stylish and Functional Storage Cabinets:

Bring practicality and artistry together with laser engraved wooden storage cabinets.  From animal patterns to geometric designs, the engravings add a touch of a functional piece of furniture.

Cutting speed: 200mm/min

Cutting power: 100%

laser engraver for wood


4.Enchanting Wood Art Pieces:

Spider X1 can not only carve wooden furniture, but also make some handicrafts with a sense of design. If you want to design a wooden craft, you can try to do it yourself.

Engraving format: 800mm-1400 (extension frame*2)

Drawing size: 800mm*900mm (cutting twice)

Product size: 430mm*540mm

Material: Household Plywood

Thickness: 8mm

Speed: 200mm/min

Power: 100%

Air assist: 40L/min (550W air compressor)


laser engraver for wood
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