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Introducing Tyvok Spider Laser Engraving Machine Accessories

06 Jun 2024 0 Comments

As the popularity of laser engraving machines continues to rise, the demand for Tyvok Spider Laser accessories has also increased significantly. To help our users select the most suitable accessories, we have compiled a comprehensive guide featuring some of our key offerings. As Father's Day approaches, all accessories are now Extra 20% OFF (software and machines are not included)to show our gratitude for your continued support, which ends at the end of the month. For convenience, you can copy the code: TyvokACC20POFF.

 Basic Accessories


We previously introduced a repair kit as part of our appreciation package for our users. This kit includes a variety of commonly used small parts, such as different types of screws, air assist connectors, and anti-slip washers, making it convenient for users to perform repairs and maintenance as needed.

Additionally, there is a notable demand for Timing Belt and Air Pipe.  Timing belts are useful for DIY projects and replacements, while longer air assist tubes can accommodate larger work areas.

 Platform Boards  

Platform boards are essential for laser engraving machines, as they protect the work surface from laser burns. Each platform board measures 250mm x 250mm and can be flexibly combined to form a larger work area. Compared to the current honeycomb panels available on the market, Tyvok's platform boards are more versatile and straightforward, allowing users to customize their setup according to their specific needs.

Air Assist

Air assist systems excel during cutting operations by effectively reducing black edges on cut materials. Tyvok has introduced an air assist system with tuning functionality, compatible with X1, X1S, X1C, and A1 series products. This system can also be configured via LightBurn software, making air assist an invaluable addition to your engraving machine setup.

Laser Heads

Tyvok currently offers 10W and 20W laser heads, which are compatible with X1, X1S, and A1 series products. Users can easily upgrade and replace their laser heads as needed. However, the X1C and M1 series utilize different laser heads due to their unique size and compact design, making them incompatible with the other models.

Artist Module

It matches with the Electric Engraving Pen and Heated Hot Foil Pen.The artist brush module allows users to achieve precise drawings and writings with various pens, producing results comparable to printing, especially on larger surfaces. By replacing the brush with an acrylic grinding solution, users can engrave on transparent acrylic, making it ideal for creating lighting fixtures and art projects. Additionally, adding a hot stamping pen enables heat transfer effects, further enhancing creative possibilities.

Cylindrical Engraving

Cylindrical engraving is a popular application, allowing for engraving on cylindrical objects through rotation. Tyvok offers a simple solution for regular cylindrical objects. For irregular shapes and more professional requirements, we have introduced the second generation of industrial-grade jaws, which provide a stronger grip and improved performance.

Height Adjustment Solutions

For varying height requirements, Tyvok provides small heightening columns, mainly for the X1 and X1S series, allowing for continuous height adjustments. Additionally, using a micro-adjustment switch can easily adjust the height of the engraving object, catering to different user needs.

X-Y Expansion Frame

Tyvok also offers an X-Y expansion frame suitable for the X1 and X1S series engraving machines, expanding the work area from 400mm x 400mm to 800mm x 2000mm. We provide detailed operation and upgrade guides to assist users in expanding their setup.

Material Pack

To meet engraving needs, we have introduced a universal material pack, allowing users to select suitable materials for engraving and cutting. Given that material requirements vary, we welcome user feedback to continuously optimize and develop more materials for user convenience.

Additionally, we offer a spray gun for users who need to apply different colors to their materials, ensuring an even and efficient application.

 Engraving Software

The main engraving software options are LightBurn and LaserGRBL. LightBurn, a professional software, offers a one-month free trial followed by an annual fee. As a partner of LightBurn, we provide download and license purchase channels, supporting GCODE. LaserGRBL, a free software, is known for its ease of use and significant contributions to the engraving field.

Exclusive User Discounts ends at the end of the month 

To facilitate the purchase and use of accessories, all our accessory products(software and machines are not included)come with an exclusive 20% discount for our users, making it easier for them to choose the right products.

We hope this guide helps you better understand and choose the suitable accessories for your Tyvok Spider Laser engraving machine. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us. For more details and to purchase accessories, please visit our

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