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Let’s see how Spider X1 laser engraver perform

20 Apr 2023 0 Comments

As a DIY laser engraver, Spider X1 can extend the X-axis to 800mm or even longer width, also the Y axis can be expanded to 2000mm or longer. It means that Spider X1 can not only engrave or cut a large format work, but also can finish many works at one time. It’s convenient and time saving.

Let’s see what projects Spider X1 make!

Not only small works, Spider X1 also can make big format projects like this ship. It can greatly save your time from piece to piece operation.

Material: 3mm plywood
Format size: 1845*927mm

File download address:

Tyvok Spider_X1 laser engraverprojects

Model cars
Material: 3mm basswood board
Format size: 1876*688mm

File download address:

laser engraversoftware
laser engraverand cutter machine
Tyvok Spider_X1 laser engraver for wood

Wall decoration
Material: 3mm basswood board
Size: 2794*1742mm
File download address:

Tyvok Spider_X1 laser engraver for wood

If you are looking for a machine to engrave acrylic quickly and efficiently with attention to detail, then Spider X1 is certainly a must choice for you.
Material: acrylic
Format size: 144*1000mm
File download address:

laser engraver for wood

What project do you want to make by using Spider X1? Do you have awesome projects made by Spider machine to share? It’s a big welcome to tell us, your projects will be shared on our Facebook group.

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