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More Convenient! Cut Five Model Cars at One Time Using Spider X1 Laser Engraver

18 Apr 2023 0 Comments

It's near International Children's Day, let's make some toys for our kids by using Spider X1--a DIY laser engraver with extended X&Y axis. Children love all kinds of engineering vehicle models. Now It is time to use a Spider X1 to make cars and trucks. Just enjoy the fun of DIY!

Material: 3mm plywood

Other materials: wood glue

Laser head: Spider X1 10W 

Cutting speed: 3000mm/s Cutting power: 30%


Tyvok Spider_X1 laser engraversoftware

About the file, you can draw on CorelDraw and then click on the laser plug-in to switch to the laser software. Set the appropriate parameters on the laser software and click Download to transfer the design to your laser cutting machine. Also you can download the file from our official website:

After the file was uploaded to Spider X1 or downloaded on SD card, you can place the plywood on the work area of the Spider X1, touch screen to move the laser head on a proper origin, and start the origin work.


Tyvok Spider_X1 laser engraver for wood


Tyvok Spider_X1 laser engraverprojects


1.The power/speed settings vary from different material and different laser engraver configuration. For the best setting parameters, users need to test several times. You can check below parameter list from our site for a reference.


laser engraverand cutter machine

2.It's suggested to use an air assist during cutting, this helps to blow the smoke away and improve the cutting quality. Just click below link to have one for Spider X1:

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