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Spider M1 infinite Y-axis portable laser engraver and cutter

30 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Tyvok laser engraving and cutting machine for sale

An innovative team of laser engraving experts just announced the launch of Spider M1 – an advanced laser engraver and cutter with a revolutionary design that gives it an infinite Y-axis. Highly accurate, easy to use and portable, Spider M1 redefines laser engraving & cutting with infinite possibilities and provides both hobbyists and professionals with a powerful tool for artwork, DIY, and business. 

best laser engraving and cutting machine

Infinite Y-axis

Tyvok Spider_M1­­ laser engraving and cutting machine

Spider M1 is part of the latest wave of compact, portable, and affordable laser engravers and cutters. It features an integrated design that doesn’t require time-consuming setup, making it convenient to take outdoors, on the go, or from one production facility to another. It has the ability to engrave on hundreds of materials including paper, bamboo, wood, leather, fabric and more.

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However, what makes Spider M1 unique on the market is its ‘infinite work area’ concept. Spider M1 has a work area of 200/400 mm*∞. The infinite Y-axis means that there is no need to reposition constantly for long items. Small batch customization in the workshop, DIY decorations at home, must-have classroom props, you name it. It works infinitely along the Y-axis to engrave and cut on any sized project.

acryliclaser engraving and cutting

“Laser engravers are one of the most powerful tools now available to consumers and business people. What was previously only possible using large, complicated, and expensive industrial equipment, is now possible on the desktop, at the touch of a button. But one problem that has limited the effectiveness of affordable desktop laser engravers, was the small work area, making it difficult to cut or engrave on large materials and objects. Our team dedicated itself to solving this problem for Spider M1. The solution was to create a design with an infinite Y-axis. By eliminating the constraints of typical laser engravers, we have given users new ways to explore unlimited creativity.” Stone, CEO, Spider M1.

laser engraver cutting acrylic

Spider M1 laser engraver and cutter

laser cutting examples

Spider M1 is intuitive, ultra-quiet, and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for beginners. Equipped with a 2.5 inch touch screen, and various convenient operation modes: computer / touch screen / APP control, M1 is extremely user-friendly. It can be connected to PC and mobile phone. Once, the engraving process has begun, it can safely work unattended and is capable of 24*7 continuous engraving of unlimited length of material. The device is quiet and safe with a fully integrated smoke and fume filter system that provides a smoke and odor-free environment. The enclosed structure and safety screens protect further protect eyes from any laser harm.

engraving and cutting laser machine

Spider M1 is the ultimate portable laser engraver & cutter with infinite Y-axis and gives beginners, hobbyists, and pros the most powerful and portable way to engrave on any material of virtually any size using its infinite Y-axis design. This convenient new tool makes it easy for anyone to unleash their creativity for fun, DIY, and business. Spider M1 is available now with special pricing and incentives for early adopters. To learn more visit the campaign here.

Tyvok Spider_M1 laser cutting machines



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