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To Be a Master of Laser Engraver on Acrylic by Using Spider X1

15 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Laser engraver is a creative and interesting tool for applying to the processing of various materials. Nowadays, acrylic is a common material for laser engraver to engraving. For its high transparency, smooth surface, nice engraving performance, it is widely used in advertising, decoration, handicraft production and other fields.


Tyvok Spider_X1 laser engraver for wood

If you are looking for a machine to engrave acrylic quickly and efficiently with attention to detail, then Spider X1 is certainly a must choice for you. Spider X1 provides an acrylic engraving that has a clear edge and delicate lines and drawings, ensuring you works has an outstanding performance.


Tyvok laser engraverand cutter

When using laser cutting or engraving on acrylic, you can set your laser to go as deep or shallow as you need. There is absolutely no direct contact between the laser and acrylic, you simply place the material and start the laser process so there is no need to worry about scratches or cosmetic damage.


Tyvok laser cutter and engraver

Spider X1 is designed for DIY purpose, users need to assemble it if you want to expand the X-axis to 800mm or even longer width, also the Y axis can be expanded to 2000mm or longer also. Engraving an acrylic work of big format can be easily achieved. Meanwhile, a precise engraving enables lines to be clearly displayed. If you want to engrave on acrylic to make longer craft, Spider X1 is a choice you can’t miss.


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