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Upgrade both the X-axis and Y-axis of Spider M1 , making engraving and cutting more precise and delicate.

30 Mar 2023 0 Comments

After the upgrade, the X-axis accuracy will be improved to 0.015mm, which is 6.6 times better than before. Meanwhile, the Y-axis accuracy will be improved to 0.05mm, which is 5 times better than before.

The accuracy improvement enables Spider M1 to improve the stability and fineness of engraving with more wonderful details and no shaking, especially when it’s working at a high speed. Besides, Y-axis can be extended based on your needs without any accuracy change, which can satisfy your multiple needs of engraving and cutting.

Tyvok bestlaser engraver

Eg: Users usually consider engraving or cutting in groups when using Spider M1 to work on a complicated and extra-large format, which can reduce the errors effectively. But after the upgrade, users can complete one-time engraving or cutting on an ultra-large format to achieve the same effect, which can save more time and improve working efficiency.

We will apply all the upgrades above with officially delivered products without extra charges.We will deliver the upgraded version so that you can have a better user experience with higher accuracy.

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