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Why we need pand what problems add-on solved?

30 Mar 2023 0 Comments

In most situations, we can use Spider M1 directly, it’s simple and efficient. However, in order to adapt more using scenarios and improve efficiency, we designed Spider M1 Dedicated Frame and a Micro Adjuster.

The Dedicated Frame is designed for users to engrave on small-format, tall objects, or irregular surfaces. Users can quickly place the engraved objects and complete the engraving easily with this Dedicated Frame.

The main features of the Dedicated Frame are as follows:

  • The knob adjustment column can accurately adjust the height of the Dedicated Frame, which is more suitable for objects of different heights, 4X4 design; The position of 4 pins can be adjusted, and the contact area is large, which can achieve the best outcome in various scenarios.
  • Thickened aluminum alloy material, smooth surface, thick and stable, when Spider M1 moves on the Dedicated Frame, the vibration is smaller, the precision is higher, and the surface reaches the width of 68mm, which is very stable.
  • Integrated design, perfect integration with Spider M1, easy to use anywhere, convenient storage

The main feature of the Micro Adjuster is as follows:

  • The innovative fine-tuning platform design enables precise fine-tuning of small objects and uses a single knob to control the lifting, fast placement, and convenient operation.

As a result, Spider M1 will cover everything from small scenes to medium scenes to infinite scenes, truly achieving “Dream Big and Make It Happen”.

Regarding to the Y-axis Rotary Roller we released, many users want us to show the specific engraving process. This time we show the engraving process of Y-axis Rotary Roller working with Spider M1. By using Y-axis Rotary Roller + Spider M1 engraving, the operation is quite simple. Also, operation through spider M1 can save space to a great extent. We will also release more videos to show the operation and look forward to more creations by uses. Below is the YouTube link, please check: 


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