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Christmas Gifts Illuminated: Tyvok Spider Laser Unveils the Beauty of Transparent Acrylic Engraving

30 Nov 2023 0 commentaires

In this eagerly anticipated Christmas season, we are delighted to introduce a unique trend in acrylic engraving that promises to elevate your holiday festivities with pride and innovation. Acrylic, representing an outstanding facet of engraving machines, has long been the top choice for various decorations and ornaments, injecting a wealth of creativity and possibilities into the realm of engraving machines. Particularly noteworthy is its continued advancement in cutting capabilities, enabling acrylic to fashion even more awe-inspiring artistic pieces.

Transparent acrylic stands out for its exceptional clarity, light transmission, and the creative potential it offers for products and customization. However, due to the inability of semiconductor lasers to directly cut and engrave transparent acrylic, the prevailing method involves adding a coating for etching followed by cleaning. While this approach has made strides in visual appeal, the etching depth remains relatively shallow, the cleaning process is tedious and prone to leaving marks, and the brightness diminishes when light passes through. While CO2 and CNC technologies can accomplish this task, CO2 devices are more industrialized and pricey, while CNC requires more learning and handling of issues like noise and dust. This raised a question: Is there a middle-ground solution? The answer is a resounding yes.

Recently, through innovation in our Line Drawing Module, we've introduced specially designed electric pens and customized pen tips, and after multiple iterations and tests, we've successfully achieved rapid engraving on transparent acrylic. Users can effortlessly operate LightBurn, leveraging our Line Drawing Module and acrylic electric pens to swiftly engrave on transparent acrylic. This technological innovation brings a safer, more serene engraving experience, creating exceptional art without altering users' habits. We've already crafted numerous exquisite pieces.

The convenience of this technique allows for engraving depths surpassing laser etching, resulting in a breathtaking effect when illuminated by light passing through. This product is a perfect fit for our X1, X1S, A1, and other series, soon to be made available to our vast user base. Anticipate more intriguing creations from us this Christmas and New Year! Furthermore, this technique is ideal for customization and gifting. Using the X1 series, users can engrave artworks exceeding one meter, radiating a strong sense of technology when illuminated by light. We eagerly await your engagement and encourage you to stay tuned for our forthcoming updates.

May this Christmas see your gifts shine anew, becoming unique pieces of artistic treasure.


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