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Early Black Friday Deals, Tyvok Spider Lasers Thank you for your support!

07 Nov 2023 0 commentaires

To better reward our customers, we will launch corresponding discount promotions for the entire product line. The promotion will start from November 6th and end at the end of November, during the Black Friday period. The products will have discounts of up to 40% off to give back to our customers. Currently, all products are available for immediate delivery after placing an order.

Let's take a look at our Black Friday main products:

  1. Spider M1:

This product is portable, simple, and convenient. The Y-axis can be wirelessly expanded for engraving, making it suitable for small and medium power users and entry-level users. It can be used without installation and is suitable for engraving users who need to do some simple engraving. The whole machine design ensures high safety. Currently, the product line includes M1, M1PRO (200mm wide), M1 Max (400mm wide), and peripheral accessories. All products have a 40% off discount, available on a first-come, first-served basis until sold out.

  1. Spider X1:

This product is known for its expandability. It has already completed the Kickstarter crowdfunding and has been delivered to all crowdfunding users. The product can be used in scroll mode, standard mode with a 400*400mm working area, as well as cutting and engraving with a 400*2000mm and 800*2000mm working area. Both the Y-axis and X-axis can be directly upgraded, and DIY upgrades are supported using standard modules. Users can upgrade locally.

It can be used for creating small batches, large-scale works, collages, wall decorations, and more. Currently, it is selling well on the ETSY platform.


The X1 product includes 10W and 20W versions, and we offer Combo1 and Combo2 versions to meet different user needs. The overall X1 can be discounted up to 30% off. We welcome your choice.


At the same time, we have corresponding discounts for the accessories that users need, such as Laser Head, Rotary Pro, Line Drawing Module, and Flexible Honeycomb Working Plate. You can purchase with confidence.


Feel free to make your purchase with confidence. We appreciate your support, and your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Click here to buy our Spider M1, Spider X1, and accessories immediately! 

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