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Gratitude for LaserGRBL: Testing and Suggestions for Spider Laser

07 Dec 2023 0 commentaires

LaserGRBL, as a free software, has played a pivotal role in assisting users and fostering a supportive community. One notable collaboration that has emerged in the realm of large-format laser engraving involves Spider Laser and the LaserGRBL team. This collaboration not only showcases the capabilities of the Spider X1 series but also exemplifies a shared commitment to advancing the industry and community.

GRBL Team's Invaluable Contribution:

The collaboration commenced with an invitation to the LaserGRBL team to test the Spider X1 machine. Throughout the testing phase, the GRBL team provided constructive suggestions and engaged in multiple discussions about our machine. Their insights have proven to be invaluable, shaping the refinement and optimization of our product. We express our sincere gratitude to the GRBL team for their dedication and collaboration. For a detailed look at the testing process, please refer to the video link below.

LaserGRBL Testing Highlights:

LaserGRBL focused its testing primarily on frame mode for engraving and cutting tests, as well as on the roller mode for large-format engraving.

Power and Product Offerings:

The testing involved the 10W version of the Spider X1 series, with the acknowledgment that upgrading to a 20W laser would yield even better cutting performance. The Spider X1 series includes both Spider X1 and Spider X1S models.

During the LaserGRBL review process, we learned that our Spider X1 might be a little difficult for beginners. In order to be more friendly to mainstream users, we have upgraded the four-sided frame on the basis of X1 and added the home page origin function, allowing users to use Spider X1S products like ordinary frame machines.

And compatible with 10W and 20W options, as well as cylinder engraving and line drawing modules. This versatility opens up the possibility of engraving on clear acrylic surfaces, giving users a variety of creative options.

Design Philosophy and Scalability:

The Spider X1 series was conceptualized to meet users' demands for large-format engraving while remaining cost-effective and standardized. The design philosophy allows for local upgrades, and as power increases, so do the cutting capabilities and assembly complexity. The innovative design approach of the X1 series enables users to start with a frame size close to a standard 400x400mm machine and upgrade it to an impressive 800x2000mm. This scalability addresses the needs of users requiring extensive engraving surfaces, typically only achievable with expensive industrial-grade machines.

We extend our gratitude to the LaserGRBL team for their testing contributions and eagerly anticipate further collaboration and exchange in the future. The partnership not only benefits our respective communities but also contributes to the broader landscape of laser engraving technology. With gratitude for past collaboration and anticipation for the future, we look forward to further advancements and mutual growth in the laser engraving industry.


LaserGRBL Software Download: (click here to download)

LaserGRBL is one of the best Windows software for image Laser Engraving. LaserGRBL is able to load any image, pictures and logo and send to your laser engrave with few click.

Unlike other GUI, LaserGRBL it is specifically developed for use with hobbist laser cutter and engraver and could be a good free and easy alternative to picengrave, benbox, T2laser, lightburn for who don’t need more then a simple and effective tool.

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