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Happy Halloween , Spider With you

30 Oct 2023 0 commentaires

On this joyful and surprising Halloween, our Spider laser team walked into the community with a special gift. We created a huge castle with the Spider X1 laser engraving machine and placed it in the kindergarten for children to play.

The castle is carefully crafted by the Spider X1 laser engraving machine. It is 3 meters high and has a realistic appearance. There are many decorations inside, including pumpkin lanterns and ghosts, giving the entire castle a more Halloween festive atmosphere. With the lighting effects, children can play and explore to their heart's content.

We understand the expectations and love that children have for Halloween, so we specifically chose this special holiday to bring them this surprise. Through this castle, we hope to make children have a Halloween full of laughter and memories.

We not only carved and created realistic castles, but also created other small works for children to play with, such as pumpkin lanterns.

The Spider X1 laser engraving machine is a powerful assistant for our team, with high precision and efficiency. We use its engraving function to create every detail of the castle vividly. This not only showcases the technical strength of our team but also brings a special gift to the children.

We hope that through this activity, children can feel our care and attention to them. We believe that this castle will become a witness to their happy growth and bring them endless joy and memories.

In this special holiday, our Spider laser team is willing to spend it with children, bringing them happiness and surprises. Let's spend a Halloween full of joy and mystery together!

Click here to watch the video:

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