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Introducing the New Orange Spider X1C: Brighten Your Engraving Experience!

06 Mar 2024 0 commentaires

We are excited to share with you today an in-depth look at our latest product, the Orange Spider X1C.

Following feedback from users expressing interest in learning more about the Orange model, we'll be focusing on its unique features in this blog post. Similar in design to the Green model, the Orange variant offers a semi-transparent effect, allowing for partial visibility of the underside during engraving and cutting. This transparency provides users with a better understanding of the laser's operation from different angles.

Here are its main features:

  1. Pre-installation convenience: The Spider X1C arrives essentially pre-assembled, allowing users to quickly set it up and start creating with minimal effort.

  2. User-friendly flexibility: Whether you prefer a fully enclosed mode for enhanced safety during laser engraving or an open-mode for greater flexibility in operations, this machine has got you covered.

  3. Comprehensive accessories: To enhance user convenience, the X1C comes with a standard set of air assist and Flexible Honeycomb Working Plate. These accessories ensure effortless usage, with the added advantage of adjustable air assist functionality. 

  4. Streamlined design: The sleek and compact design of the X1C ensures it can fit seamlessly into any workspace, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

  5. Efficient fume exhaust: The integrated fume exhaust system ensures a clean and safe working environment, removing any unwanted odors or smoke during the engraving process.

  6. Customizable options: We understand that users have different preferences and design aesthetics. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to choose between an open design or a housing with different color options.

Expected Worldwide Shipping:
We are committed to delivering the Spider X1C to enthusiasts and professionals around the world. Anticipated shipping will begin on March 15th, ensuring that individuals from all corners of the globe will have access to this remarkable laser engraving machine.

Finally, what we want to show you is an animated schematic of the Spider X1C's structure.



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