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Spider Laser's Line Drawing Module brings SpongeBob SquarePants to life in a mesmerizing sketch!

02 Nov 2023 0 commentaires

Unlock your artistic potential with Spider Laser's Line Drawing Module and witness the magic unfold as SpongeBob SquarePants comes to life in a mesmerizing sketch. Experience the perfect fusion of technology and creativity as Spider Laser empowers you to create stunning artwork with ease. Dive into the world of imagination and bring your favorite characters to life with Spider Laser's Line Drawing Module.

Tutorial on how to use Line Drawing Module:

1. First, prepare the Line Drawing Module, brush distance adjustment board, and brush.

2. Then, install the Line Drawing Module on the machine, connect the wiring harness to the side connector.
(Installation and wiring must be done in the shutdown state!!!)

3. Next, install the brush into the installation hole, place the pen tip on the board, and adjust the side knob to secure the brush.

4. After fixing the brush, move the brush up and down by hand to see if there is any stuttering. If there is, adjust it with the side knob.

5. In this way, the brush module is installed. Turn on the machine, return to the origin, and import the file you want for your creation to start processing.


Click here to view detailed tutorial video:

 1. First, start drawing using Spider Laser's Line Drawing Module.

    Pen: ballpoint pen
    Speed: 800mm/min
    Power: 100%
    Start pause time (ms) 500.00
    End pause time (ms) 500.00
    2. Next, add colors.
    3. Finally, add a frame to complete it.

    Using Spider Laser's Line Drawing Module can make your creations more exciting! This module can help you realize your dream of line drawing and make your works more unique and outstanding. Whether you want to create artworks or design patterns, Spider Laser's Line Drawing Module can meet your needs. Come and give it a try, unleash your creativity, and start creating your own masterpiece!

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