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Spider X1 Series Laser Engraving Machine: A Review from Popular Influencers

11 Dec 2023 0 commentaires

In this blog post, we will explore the reviews and experiences of four popular influencers who have thoroughly tested and evaluated the Spider X1 series laser engraving machine. From unboxing to testing and showcasing various applications, each influencer provides valuable insights into the capabilities and performance of the Spider X1.

  1. KellyBlogs(357K followers):

KellyBlogs begins her review with an unboxing video, showing off the packaging of the Spider X1 and the materials that come with it. She then expands the machine's capabilities to an 800*2000mm working area, creating large-scale wall decorations and impressive art pieces. Moreover, Kelly conducts engraving and cutting tests on materials like wood and acrylic. She concludes her review by demonstrating the use of the Rotary Roller accessory for engraving on cylindrical objects.

  1. Hoffman Engineering:

Hoffman Engineering begins their video review by introducing the Spider X1 and highlighting its features. He then compared the results of engraving the same file using roller mode and frame mode, noting that frame mode produced better results. Additionally, he performs cutting and engraving tests on materials such as wood and sheet metal. At the end of the review, the Spider X1's functions were demonstrated on a large wooden board, and the working area can be expanded to 800*2000mm.

  1. Creative Channel(622M followers):

The Creative Channel's review commences with an unboxing and assembly demonstration of the Spider X1. He explains in detail what the machine does and how to operate it effectively. Next, he performed small-scale carving and cutting tests on wooden boards. He then expanded the Spider X1 to an impressive 800*2000mm work area and demonstrated its ability to create large-scale artwork and wall decorations.

  1. ハナタレ木工所 (Hanatare Mokkoujo):

Hanatare Mokkoujo's video review starts with an unboxing and introduction of the Spider X1. His testing includes engraving and cutting on materials like wood and metal sheets. He also utilize the Rotary Pro accessory for engraving on cups and utilize the Line Drawing Module to create interesting patterns. Finally, he demonstrated the Spider X1’s ability to use the roller mode to carve long dimensions on long wooden poles.

The Spider X1 series laser engraving machine has received positive reviews from influential individuals within the industry. Each review showcases the machine's capabilities in various applications, including large-scale art pieces, wall decorations, engraving on cylindrical objects, and precise cutting on different materials. The Spider X1 proves to be a versatile and powerful tool for creating intricate and impressive designs in the hands of skilled.

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