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Tyvok Spider X1C Laser Engraving and Cutting: Empowering Your Creativity

06 Feb 2024 0 commentaires

Thank you for your attention to Tyvok Spider X1C. The following are some of our design concepts for designing this product and hope that this product will meet your needs well.


Powerful 20W Capability:
The X1C is equipped with a 20W power capacity, perfectly suited to meet your cutting and engraving needs. Not only can it handle various scenarios effectively, but it also offers a more cost-effective solution.

Stable Frame Design: Understanding the needs of our users, the X1C features a stable frame design. This design not only ensures better precision and speed but also caters to users' habits and requirements for basic usage.


Intelligent Wiring System: The X1C comes with a self-designed wiring system that ensures all cables and belts are neatly contained, enhancing your workspace's cleanliness and safety. During continuous cutting processes, this system effectively reduces the impact of smoke and dust on the machine.

Plug-and-Play Pre-Installation: To enhance your user experience, we've designed the X1C for plug-and-play pre-installation. With no need for complex installation or debugging, you can unpack and start using it right away, saving time and improving efficiency.

Enclosed Machine Design: We've adopted an integrated enclosed design to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your workspace. Compared to DIY open machines, the X1C's enclosed design better prevents smoke leakage, maintaining air purity.

Integrated Air Assistance and Exhaust System: The X1C comes pre-equipped with an air assistance system and exhaust system that can be adjusted according to your needs. These designs effectively remove smoke from the working area, maintaining a conducive work environment.


Built-in Integrated Lighting Strip: Equipped with a soft lighting strip at the bottom, the X1C provides ample illumination, allowing you to observe cutting and engraving progress clearly and facilitating photography.


Multiple Color Options: We offer a variety of color choices, allowing you to customize your machine according to personal preferences and making the creative process more personalized.

External Touchscreen: Optional external touchscreen for added convenience. You can perform cutting and engraving operations through the touchscreen, or configure settings via TF card or online connection, providing you with more options.


Spidemake.com Interactive Platform: We provide a rich interactive platform where you can share ideas with others, and download models and parameter tables, helping you enhance your creative endeavors.

Flash Sale Promotion: Spider X1C Starting from February 6th, we will launch a Flash Sale promotion, reducing the price of the 20W complete machine version to $714. This is our way of thanking you for your continued support and our commitment to continuously improving product quality.




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