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TYVOK X1C Unboxing Video is now live!

27 Jun 2024 0 commentaires

Our X1C Unboxing Video is Here!

In this video, we provide an introduction to the machine and its accessories inside the box. The machine requires no installation and comes in two color options. It also comes equipped with a platform board. Our team member demonstrates the installation of the laser head, air assist, and Duct , followed by testing. Stay tuned for a closer look!

Key features of TYVVOK X1C include:
1. Fully enclosed chamber: Ready to use without installation. 
2. Convenient Operation: Supports external touchscreen kits for easy control. 
3. Span: Standard size of 400*400MM.
4. Power Options: 10W and 20W. 
5. Color Choices: Green and Orange.
6.  Artist Module Support: Ideal for artistic creations.
7. Accessories: Equipped with platform boards, air assist, and exhaust fans.

We are now introducing our latest showcase of works created using our laser engraving machine.


Featured here is the Mickey Mouse resin display stand, crafted by carving wood boards, assembling, painting, and adding resin drops. Loved by both adults and children, our products are highly sought after by DIY enthusiasts as well.

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