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X1C 10W Released: The Most Cost-Effective Enclosed Laser Engraver

14 May 2024 0 commentaires

In response to user demand for a 10W solution in addition to the existing 20W option, we are excited to unveil the X1C 10W package, including green version, orange version,  version with LightBurn and touch screen solution. This comprehensive system caters to users' preferences for ease of use, air assistance, and hassle-free installation, all at a more budget-friendly price point.

Key Features of the X1C 10W Laser Engraving Machine:

Product Series: Our X1C lineup includes various models to suit different needs. Users can explore the X1C product range through Tyvok.

For a detailed overview of the Tyvok X1C, we have included specific video content to help users make informed decisions. 

The standard package comes with a platform board for user convenience. Additionally, the X1C is compatible with brush modules, acrylic grinding, and  heating pen kits for enhanced creativity in your projects.

Collaboration Opportunities: Media outlets are welcome to engage in cooperative evaluations and reviews of the X1C 10W laser engraving machine. 

Limited-Time Offer: To celebrate the product launch, we are offering a special promotion. Originally priced at $899, the X1C 10W laser engraving machine is now available for just $599 until the end of May.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to own a high-quality, cost-effective closed-loop cooling system with the X1C 10W laser engraving machine. Start creating impressive works of art and let your creativity shine with this innovative and affordable solution.

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