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Spider Laser A1

Tyvok Spider A1 Series: Revolutionizing the Era of Engraving Machines!

24 Nov 2023 0 Kommentare

In our commitment to making engraving machine products more accessible and user-friendly, we are thrilled to introduce the Tyvok Spider A1 Series. This entry-level product is designed to meet the fundamental engraving needs of users, making the engraving experience seamless and enjoyable.

Market Background

Currently, consumer-grade semiconductor laser engraving machines are trending towards higher power, ranging from 10W to 20W, 30W, 40W, and beyond. However, this power increase comes with added requirements for power supply adaptations, enhanced safety protocols, and additional accessories, leading to a continuous rise in overall costs. Engraving machines in the consumer market primarily serve two functions: engraving and cutting. Higher cutting power results in better one-time cutting effects, larger cutting areas, and a broader range of achievable cuts. To address this demand, we've leveraged the expandability of the Spider X1 Series to achieve larger engraving areas.

Diversity in Engraving Scenes

Engraving scenes are omnipresent, from phone cases and laptops to paintings, wallets, leather cases, and bamboo products. Engraving imparts unique significance to objects, showcasing the infinite possibilities of this craft.

Current Market Landscape and Challenges

The market offers both galvanometer-based and gantry-based engraving machines. The former boasts speed, compactness, and delicate engraving, making it popular among users. However, it comes with a higher price tag and poses challenges in terms of intricate repairs. On the other hand, gantry-based machines allow for larger engraving areas, have a relatively budget-friendly price, but are less portable, occupy more space, and often require assembly, making them less beginner-friendly.

Unique Features of the A1 Series

Against this market backdrop, the A1 Series emerges as a solution that not only fulfills the basic engraving needs of users but also achieves a compact, portable, pre-assembled design. This reduces user installation time, enhances convenience, and significantly lowers the initial cost for users, promoting widespread adoption.

Compact Design

To maximize space efficiency, the A1 Series adopts an innovative integrated design with X-Y modular components. This simple and minimalist approach significantly saves space, reduces the footprint, and eliminates excess framework. Additionally, it minimizes visible wiring, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Pre-Assembled Design

The A1 Series comes fully assembled and optimized for peak performance straight from the factory. Users only need to install the laser head, enabling them to start using the machine immediately.

Portability and Space Maximization

When open, the A1 Series has a maximum footprint of 370*370mm, and when stored, it occupies a minimal space of 63*370mm. This design ensures easy storage and portability.

Mobile Power Bank Support

The A1 Series supports the use of power banks, providing a simple and efficient way for users to unleash their creativity anytime, anywhere.


Beyond laser engraving, the A1 Series supports a pen module, allowing users to create colorful artworks with household pens. This feature, being smoke-free and odorless, makes it suitable for both home use and STEM education.


Equipped with a tilt gyroscope, the machine halts operation when tilted at a certain angle, ensuring user safety. The laser head is also fitted with an eye protection cover to prevent direct laser exposure.

Multiple Interface Support

Offering various interfaces, including wireless WiFi, TF card slot, and a wired ethernet port, the A1 Series provides flexibility for users to connect through wireless networks or cables. This ensures compatibility with software such as LightBurn.

Smart Operation

For initial usage, users can easily engrave with a universal mobile app supporting both Android and Apple systems. As users become more familiar, they can transition to desktop software like LightBurn and GRBLLaser for more advanced creations.

The launch of the A1 Series not only caters to the basic engraving needs of users but also introduces a compact, portable, pre-assembled design. This reduces installation time and significantly lowers initial costs, bringing new possibilities to the world of engraving machines. We firmly believe that the A1 Series will become an invaluable assistant for users to express their creativity, contributing to the popularization and advancement of engraving technology.

The product has already started pre-sale and is currently divided into a brush-based artist version, a 5W laser version, a 10W laser version, and an artist version including laser and brush to meet the needs of different users.

Join the A1 Series and explore the future of engraving with us! Welcome to a new era of engraving excellence! During Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, enjoy super early bird discounts of up to 32% OFF, waiting for you to buy Spider A1!

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