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Crafting Spooky Halloween Decorations with Spider X1: Ghosts, Standing Decor, and Pumpkins

12 Oct 2023 0 Kommentare

Gather around, Halloween enthusiasts! Prepare to be bewitched by the mystical creations brought to life with the versatile Spider Laser engraving machine. In this exciting endeavor, we explore the possibilities of the Spider Laser material pack, consisting of Color Assist Paper, Walnut Plywood, and Acrylic. From ethereal ghosts to charming standing decor and whimsical pumpkins, this article showcases the enchanting artistry achievable with the Spider Laser.


Crafting Ghosts with Color Assist Paper:

Our journey into Halloween crafting begins with the delicate yet captivating ghosts fashioned using Color Assist Paper. 

Speed: 2500mm/min

Power: 2% Working

Mode: Fill


Halloween Standing Decor Wooden:
Moving on to Walnut Plywood, with Spider X1, we meticulously carve intricate patterns and spooky motifs onto the walnut plywood, transforming it into hauntingly beautiful tabletop ornaments.

Engraving Mode:

Speed: 2500mm/min

Power: 15%

Line Interval: 0.05

Operation Mode: Fill


Cutting Mode:

Speed: 400mm/min

Power: 100%

Operation Mode: Line


Whimsical Halloween Pumpkins:
No Halloween celebration is complete without pumpkins, and with Spider X1 and Acrylic, we take pumpkin decor to a whole new level of enchantment.

Cutting Speed: 250mm/min

Power: 100% Working

mode: Line

With the Spider Laser engraving machine and its remarkable material pack, the possibilities for crafting spooky Halloween decorations are virtually limitless. Allow your creativity to soar and let the enchanting artistry of Spider Laser bring a hauntingly beautiful touch to your Halloween celebrations. Embrace the spirit of the season, and let the magic unfold!
Note: The work files mentioned in the article can be downloaded from our Spidermake website.
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