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Our Collaboration with Endless Motion ▪ Mechanical Art

21 May 2024 0 Kommentare

Here !!!  We want to introduce our partner---"Endless Motion ▪ Mechanical Art" who use our products for their creations that is eco-friendly and green - entirely mechanical operation without any batteries.
They are dedicated to creating unique works of art and conveying ideas. Each piece should serve as a medium for dual expression on both a material and spiritual level:

- Mechanical: Bringing energy to life
- Wooden: Returning life to purity
- Artistic: Making life more beautiful

By breaking traditional boundaries of mechanics and exploring more artistic possibilities, they look forward to "never stopping" with you.

Incorporating the vitality of mechanics, the poetry of wood, and the taste of art into an ideal living space, we redefine the concept of pure and luxurious living. Our homes embody a seamless blend of dynamic artistry, where movement and stillness intersect to convey emotions within the space.
Let's appreciate some art pieces together.
Here is an example of their creative work: "Intertwined with Each Other"

This piece showcases the intertwining and separation of lines during its operation, symbolizing the beauty of peaceful encounters and connections in life's journey. As paths cross and intertwine, meeting is not easy. Afterward, we come to know each other, lingering in the intertwining of life.

Our Tyvok product line offers a wide range of options like A1 or XIC for creating even more enjoyable and fascinating products.

We welcome you to come and experience it for yourself. #TYVOK 

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