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Tyvok Spider Laser: Pioneer in Lightweight Large-format Cutting & Engraving

12 Dec 2023 0 Kommentare

Large-format cutting and Engraving are crafts with unique ingenuity. Its length often surpasses 1000mm, while the width strides beyond the 600mm threshold. With the infinite extension of the format, we have gained a more extensive material application space, facilitating the maximization of scale production and commercial value.

In today's market, large-format products often present themselves in a massive machine form, weighing even more than 50KG-100KG. These products employ advanced technologies such as CO2 and fiber optic lasers, boasting high power levels and comprehensive configurations. The prices have escalated from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands.

However, for ordinary DIY enthusiasts, using such large-format cutting equipment poses challenges such as high costs, complex operations, and demanding work environments. With the continuous rise in semiconductor laser power, cutting applications are expanding, and the complexity of drawings is increasing. Therefore, the traditional 400*400mm format clearly cannot meet the urgent requirements for one-time cutting.

Currently, solutions in the market for medium to large formats mainly rely on adding extension kits to existing engraving machines, usually maintained within the range of 600-800mm (the larger the size, the higher the transportation cost). Once installed, expansion becomes a difficult wall to overcome, and the cost of expansion is staggering. For users eager to create complex cut-carve pieces, wall decorations, paintings, and large-scale models, this is obviously inadequate.

Based on a profound understanding of market demands and user pain points, the Tyvok Spider team has been committed to providing superior solutions for DIY and lightweight large-format carving and cutting users. Our product considers and optimizes aspects such as installation, volume, transportation, home use, flexible expansion, and overall costs.

The Tyvok Spider X1 series introduces a pre-installed solution, integrating the more complex transmission and electrical systems when the user receives the machine. Users can easily achieve flexible expansion from 400*400mm to 400*800mm, 800*800mm, and 800*2000mm according to their needs. This sustainable expansion design not only meets the small requirements for basic carving and cutting but also satisfies the B2B needs of large and extra-large formats.

With the continuous upgrade of semiconductor laser power, from 10W to 20W, and even up to 40W or higher, our products can cut thicker and more complex models, achieving a broader application in DIY and commercialization.

To facilitate user DIY upgrades, we have selected standard 2020 and 4020 profiles as the foundation for expansion. Users can easily expand to larger sizes locally. In addition, we have also launched the Artist Brush Module, allowing users to achieve delicate to bold lines and paintings. Through the clever combination with the grinding pen, it enables carving on transparent acrylic, providing a broader possibility for the fusion of art and commerce.

We look forward to more users choosing the Tyvok Spider series to create their own DIY workshops. The overall product weight is within 15KG (standard products within 10KG), similar to general DIY engraving machines. However, spider X1 and X1S product significantly reduces weight, improves storage and portability, and can simultaneously use rails for dual-machine and multi-machine operation, truly building a creative workshop for individual DIY users.

To inspire more creativity, we are about to launch the Tyvok Business Partner Training Program, jointly realizing personalized DIY creation and the prosperity of business locally. Tyvok will provide comprehensive support and training, looking forward to your splendid achievements in personal DIY and business locally. We eagerly anticipate your active participation; welcome more users to join.

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