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Welcome to the LightBurn LBX Conference (LIGHTBURN EXPERIENCE)

28 Oct 2023 0 Kommentare

As an important part of the laser industry, Laser software is very important to user experience. Tyvok Spider Team looks forward to the LightBurn LBX conference achieving greater success so that more users can use laser engraving conveniently. We look forward to such technical exchanges in more industries to promote the development of the industry.

Oct 27-29th 2023 in East Peoria, IL

Three days of classes, speakers, and social events, all focused on growing your network and building your skills. Learn more about lasers, design, and project techniques. Get a preview of LightBurn’s development roadmap and future plans. Show off your work to LBX attendees and the public. Meet fellow makers, and the LightBurn team! LBX 2023 will be held at Embassy Suites by Hilton in East Peoria, Illinois from October 27th - 29th.

Looking for lodging? Our discounted block at the hotel connected to the venue is sold out. They still have some rooms at full price, or, we can offer you discounted rooms here

What is LBX?
LightBurn Experience is our first in-person convention: a way for all of us to meet other users face to face, share ideas and techniques, connect, and hopefully make a few new friends.

When and where is LBX?
LBX 2023 will be held at Embassy Suites by Hilton in East Peoria, Illinois from October 27th - 29th. The block of attendee rooms we reserved for the event are all taken, however, there are multiple hotels nearby and Peoria has Lyft and Uber.

Where can I buy tickets?
Ticketing is closed for 2023, sorry.

Why the Midwest? Do you have any plans for an event in my city or country?
Most of our user base is located in the United States, so we chose a central area close to air transportation. If it works out, we'll have more events in different cities and countries, according to where there is the most demand. 

I’m flying to LBX - what airport should I fly into?
There are two airports within a 45 minute drive of the event venue. Peoria International Airport (PIA) is the closest of the two - about a 20 minute drive. Central IL Regional AIrport (BMI) is about a 45 minute drive from the venue.

Can I cancel my ticket if I’m sick and can’t attend?
Yes! We want to share knowledge at LBX, not germs. If you’re not feeling well and can’t make it, contact us at support@lightburnsoftware.com up until the morning of the first day (Oct. 27), and we will refund your ticket.

When will the speakers list and schedule be posted?
At conventions like this, it is common for guest announcements to roll out closer to the event, and many conventions don't even post the schedule till a week or so before. We are aiming for announcing both by mid-summer.

Will Virtual Tickets be available?
This is our first con, with a lot to plan. The short answer is we're thinking about it, so please keep an eye on the socials and emails for an official answer in the coming months.

What are the hours for LBX?
9am - 5pm Friday and Saturday, and 9am - 4pm on Sunday. There will also be a free dinner on Friday and a paid dinner on Saturday.

Can I buy a ticket to a single day?
Sorry, no, this is a package deal! However, the LightBurn Market on the final day of the event will be open to the public, so you can take part then without a ticket.

Can I use my laser on-site?
No. Given the challenges of eye protection and ventilation, laser use on-site will be restricted to LightBurn staff and a small selection of approved speakers and vendors. This restriction applies to individual hotel rooms as well.

I purchased a Vendor Ticket - will I have access to a power outlet?
There will be multiple outlets throughout the event space, so power will be available somewhere nearby. However, we cannot guarantee an outlet will be as close as you might prefer. 

Can I sell a product that was only partially made using LightBurn?
Of course. We want to showcase the range of amazing creations our users have made with LightBurn, and we understand that in many cases a laser is only one part of a maker’s toolkit. As long as LightBurn figured importantly in your process, you can sell products that were partially made with other tools as well.

Are there any exceptions to the ‘no weapons’ policy?
Sorry, no exceptions. We know many of our users work with weapons like guns, pocket knives, and axes, but we can’t have any of these in the event venue. If you’d like to showcase your work with these items, please feel free to bring photos! 

What constitutes “divisive political messaging” or “offensive language”?
We recognize that this is an area where reasonable people might disagree - please err on the side of caution. Anything that might start a heated discussion in mixed company, or that you wouldn’t want children to see, is out of bounds. If you’re unsure about something, 

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