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Happy Children's Day! Celebrating with Laser-Engraved Toys

31 May 2024 0 Kommentare

As Children's Day approaches, we wish all children a joyful celebration filled with laughter and fun. Our laser engraving machine can create a variety of toys that kids love, combining both practicality and creativity. Such as  Spider A1-800L , X1S


From slides, cabinets, tables to small toys, parents can surprise their children with personalized gifts and engage in interactive parent-child activities. Working together to choose designs, import them into the software, and craft the toys fosters children's manual dexterity and imagination.

Links to learn more  about  the  handmaking gifts is below where you can download the files to do the Laser Engraving:



Let's celebrate Children's Day by nurturing creativity and bonding through DIY projects.

Wishing everyone a happy Children's Day !

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