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Tyvok Spider Series Recommendations Manual

04 Jun 2024 0 Kommentare

Choosing the right laser engraving machine is crucial, especially with the many models available on the market. This blog introduces the Tyvok Spider series of laser engraving machines and provides recommendations based on different user needs to help you make the best choice.

For Beginners: Simple and Elegant

If you're new to laser engraving and want a machine that's ready to use right out of the box, we recommend the Tyvok Spider M1 series.


Key features of this series include:

  1. X-axis options: 200MM and 400MM.
  2. Y-axis options: Unlimited length due to rollers.
  3. Power options: 5W and 10W.
  4. Operation methods: Supports screen, wireless, and connected operations.
  5. Portability: No installation required, ready to use immediately.

The Tyvok Spider M1 series is perfect for simple engraving tasks without the need for a frame. For cutting tasks, we recommend using a frame. This series is currently the simplest and most convenient laser engraver available.

For Beginners and Gradual Professional Use

If you're familiar with frame machines and want to enhance your basic usage, consider the Tyvok Spider A1 series.


Key features of this series include:

  1. No installation required: Just tighten a few screws to use.
  2. Foldable design: Saves space and is easy to transport.
  3. Size options: 200*200MM entry-level model and 800*400MM A1800L model.
  4. Power options: 5W and 10W .
  5. Accessories: Supports external touchscreen kit and air assist.
  6. Applications: Supports artist brushes and acrylic engraving (especially white acrylic grinding engraving).

We recommend using LightBurn software for direct connection and convenient operation.

For Mass Production and Large-Scale Projects

For large-format, professional scenarios like large cutting and commercial engraving, the Tyvok Spider X1S series is recommended.


Key features of this series include:

  1. X-axis Span: Up to 800MM.
  2. Y-axis Extension: Extendable up to 2000MM or more.
  3. Power Options: 10W and 20W .
  4. Modular Design: X-Y separation, allowing users to choose only the X-axis mainframe as needed.
  5. Large Format Cutting: Through X-Y separation, it transforms into a super large format laser cutting machine.
  6. Accessories: Equipped with air assist, cylindrical engraving clamps, and platform boards.

The Tyvok Spider X1S Series is primarily used for commercial settings and DIY creations, such as sales on Etsy. With comprehensive accessories, it is also a favorite product among users in Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns.

For High Safety and Outstanding Performance

For users sensitive to smoke and seeking high safety without the need for installation, we recommend the Tyvok Spider X1C Series.


Key features of this series include:

  1. Fully enclosed chamber: Ready to use without installation. 
  2. Convenient Operation: Supports external touchscreen kits for easy control. 
  3. Span: Standard size of 400*400MM.
  4. Power Options: 10W and 20W. 
  5. Color Choices: Green and Orange.
  6.  Artist Module Support: Ideal for artistic creations.
  7. Accessories: Equipped with platform boards, air assist, and exhaust fans.

The Tyvok Spider X1C Series is suitable for users with high safety requirements.

The above information provides an overview of the Tyvok Spider series' main categorized engraving machine products.

Overall, most of these products are easy to use without the need for installation. They support various working modes such as laser and artist painting pens, and come equipped with accessories such as platform boards, clamps, air assist, artist module, and grinding pens.

We welcome you to choose the #TYVOK laser machine that best meet your needs.





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